Before moving to Los Angeles, I worked in India’s Silicon Valley – Bangalore. I worked with startups and mid-sized firms, helped them scale and transform. I worked through mergers and acquisitions, helped companies create their employer brands, and redesigned HR processes to align them to the business.

For the first few years in LA, I volunteered with The Greater Contribution and Taproot Foundation. Now I support Room to Read – a global non profit that is taking education where is it needed.


Why Blue Peridot?

  • I believe that HR needs a fresh pair of eyes. While experience is important, creativity is key. I want to work with organizations to redefine the role of HR in companies.
  • I believe that HR can make a huge difference in the profitability of a business, and it does not always have to cost a million dollars. All it needs is time, and an understanding of the people that make up your team.
  • I believe that at the root of it all, it is Change Management –no matter what you call it. The world is changing at a faster pace than before; and people are changing with it. Companies and the people are struggling to keep up. Knowing how to prepare the team for the change will determine the success of your HR team. I am great at that.
  • Finally, I love the flexibility. This allows me to create my own balance in life between work, and my other passions – travel and family being most important.


I bring a global experience, fresh energy and a fresh way to look at HR.

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