Hi, I am Stuti. I am an HR Consultant with global experience in helping high growth companies redesign their HR functions. I am Prosci Certified in Change Management.

I come from Pondicherry, a small south Indian town with French influence. My early education was in a school that focused on integral education and learning for the joy that it brings you. I moved to Bangalore for higher studies, and worked with startups and mid-sized international firms, helping them scale and transform. I worked through mergers and acquisitions, helped companies create their employer brands, and redesigned HR processes to align them with the business. Through my experiences, I gathered the ability to connect the bigger picture to the finer details.

Since moving to LA in 2012, I volunteered with non profits. I continue to support non profits that focus on education.


Why is HR important in your organization? How is it helping your business grow? What can you do differently, to enable your employees?

These are the questions I want to answer for you and with you.

I want to help you build an HR function that helps you achieve your business goals, that prepares you for future changes, and that sets you apart from your competition.